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The Income for Life Model® 4.0
You receive all this:

  • Personalized HumanRobo®
  • The Income for Life Model Digital Client Sales Presentation
  • Constrained Investor® Interactive Profiler
  • IFLM Concept Overview
  • HumanRobo® Hot Link for Your Existing website
  • Google AdWords Campaign Module
  • Workshop Invitation/Prospecting Materials
  • Award-Winning IFLM Income Planning Software
  • UpSellerate Discount Membership

  • What's My Income?™ Exclusive Marketing
  • What's My Income?™ Hot Link
  • Professional Advisor Referral Letter
  • The Three Big Risks™ Exclusive Marketing
  • Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for HumanRobo®
  • IRA Rollover Consumer Multimedia Presentations
  • IFLM Workshop Client Presentation

Pay annually and save 12%!$2100 for one full year.
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